RJC Celebrates Defeat of Congressman Who Opposed Israel Aid

Washington, DC - Republican Jewish Coalition National Chairman Senator Norm Coleman and CEO Matt Brooks released the following statement in response to John McGuire’s victory in the VA-05 Republican primary election over Rep. Bob Good:

Let there be no doubt that the Republican Jewish Coalition means it when we say: If you stand against the Jewish community, if you stand against America’s strategic ally Israel, the RJC will work to defeat you.

Across VA-05, Republican primary voters rejected extremist Rep. Bob Good and supported reliably pro-Israel RJC-endorsed conservative John McGuire to represent them in Congress.

This is a major victory for the RJC, the Jewish community, and for all pro-Israel Americans. This win comes after RJC decisively defeated Bob Good-endorsed candidates in WV-01, NE-02, and TX-23 earlier this year.

The RJC will continue to engage in key GOP primaries when necessary - even against incumbent members. We remain hopeful that Democratic Jewish organizations will follow our lead to hold their own side accountable.

We are proud and gratified to have played a significant role in helping to defeat extremist Bob Good, and we look forward to working with John McGuire in the next Congress.