RJC Celebrates House Passage of Urgently-Needed Aid to Key Security Partners

Washington, DC – The Republican Jewish Coalition released the following statement in response to the House of Representatives passing emergency aid bills to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan.

RJC National Chairman Senator Norm Coleman and CEO Matt Brooks said:

Today, the US House of Representatives, led by Speaker Mike Johnson, sent a clear message that America stands with Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan against the brutal aggression of Iran, Russia, and China.

The historic importance of this moment cannot be overstated.

The Jewish state is in an existential struggle for its very survival - suffering the worst slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust on October 7th, and the battle continues. The $14.2 billion Israel aid package provides our ally with what it needs to defend itself, including $4 billion to replenish Iron Dome and David’s Sling missile defense systems and $1.2 billion for the Iron Beam defense system to counter short-range rockets and mortar threats.

RJC applauds the members of both parties who found a way to work together to produce results, strengthening the security of the United States and our essential security partners around the world.

We are particularly grateful and appreciative for the courageous and principled leadership of Speaker Johnson, who put it all on the line to do what's right for America and our allies.