RJC Celebrates Major Victory in IN-08, Defeats Anti-Israel Candidate

Washington, DC – The Republican Jewish Coalition released the following statement after the defeat of anti-Israel candidate John Hostettler in Indiana’s 8th congressional district GOP primary.

RJC National Chairman Senator Norm Coleman and CEO Matt Brooks said:

Let there be no doubt: if you stand against Israel, if you stand against the Jewish community, the Republican Jewish Coalition will work to defeat you. 

Tonight, we succeeded in keeping a vocal anti-Israel candidate out of the Republican conference. This is a major victory for the RJC, the Jewish community, for all pro-Israel Americans, and for common sense.

As antisemitism and extreme anti-Israel activity spike across the nation, the RJC’s work is more important than ever.

Unlike some Democratic leaders, who coddle and enable the worst elements of their party’s base, the RJC has shown time and again that we will hold bad actors accountable - from disgraced former Rep. Steve King to John Hostettler. It is our sincere hope that Democrat groups will follow the RJC’s lead in taking on the tough fights within their own ranks, starting with Rep. Jamaal Bowman and Rep. Cori Bush.

This is a time in Jewish history for courage, moral clarity, and leadership. The RJC has answered, and will continue to answer, this righteous call to action.