RJC Celebrates Senate Passage of Aid for Key Security Partners

Washington, DC  – The Republican Jewish Coalition released the following statement regarding the U.S. Senate passing emergency aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan last night.

RJC National Chairman Senator Norm Coleman and CEO Matt Brooks said:

The RJC celebrates the U.S. Senate resoundingly passing urgently-needed military aid for our essential allies Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan - a historic accomplishment.

As Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell put it, “History will record that even as allies and partners may have worried about the depth of our resolve, even as Moscow, Beijing, and Tehran grew more convinced that our influence had run its course, and even as loud voices here at home insisted on abandoning the responsibilities of leadership, America stepped up - and the Senate held firm.”

The bill provides $14.2 billion in military aid to Israel, including critical funds for the replenishment and expansion of vital missile defense programs. As Israel continues its self-defense in the aftermath of the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, America is upholding our responsibility as a friend and ally.

The road to arrive at this moment was long, but let there be no doubt that America sent the message loudly and clearly: we stand strongly with our allies and partners against the brutal aggression of Iran, Russia, and China.