RJC Commends Trump Administration for New Sanctions on Iran’s Banks

Washington, DC – The Republican Jewish Coalition released a statement on the Trump Administration’s imposition of sanctions on eighteen major Iranian banks. RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said:

We commend the Trump Administration on the latest sanctions, which will cut eighteen of Iran’s major banks off from international financial institutions while allowing for humanitarian transactions. This is a continuation of President Trump’s policy aimed at defunding Iran’s support of terrorist activities and its nuclear program, while respecting the needs of the Iranian people.

The Republican Jewish Coalition is proud to have played a role in building congressional support for this action, which led to six Senators and fifty-seven Congressman writing letters to President Trump urging him to take this step.

We applaud the Trump Administration’s policy on Iran, which stands in stark contrast to the Obama/Biden administration’s policy. The Obama/Biden administration gave Iran billions of dollars in sanctions relief as part of its dangerous Iran nuclear deal. We thank President Trump for taking the US out of that terrible deal, and for his “maximum pressure” policy on Iran. His policy protects the American people, our allies in the Middle East – especially Israel, as well as our European allies from the threat of a nuclear Iran.