RJC Condemns Biden’s Indefensible Betrayal of Israel

Washington, DC – The Republican Jewish Coalition released the following statement in response to President Biden withholding critical military aid to Israel.

RJC National Chairman Senator Norm Coleman and CEO Matt Brooks said:

Joe Biden has cemented his legacy as the worst President for the Jewish community and the State of Israel ever.

By withholding critical military aid to the Jewish state as it fights a war for its very survival, Biden is effectively siding with Iran and its terrorist proxies over Israel. This is an unprecedented, shameful, and despicable betrayal of a key ally and vital security partner at the worst possible time.

Israel must have the time, space, and support it needs to defeat Hamas and rescue the hostages. History will judge Biden harshly for this dereliction of responsibility to our friend and partner Israel.

Clearly, Joe Biden has not learned the lesson of “Never Again”. Today, 72% of Americans support an IDF military operation in Rafah to destroy Hamas. Yet in the interview with CNN where Biden announced this indefensible embargo on Israel, he made no mention of the hostages still languishing in Gaza - which include American citizens. He never even mentioned Hamas, the murderous terrorist organization responsible for October 7 and everything that came after!

In these perilous times, we need strong, courageous, and principled leadership. On Joe Biden’s watch, we have seen a horrific massacre of Israeli civilians by an Iranian proxy group, an unprecedented direct attack on Israel’s homeland by Iran, and a historic spike in antisemitism, especially on US college campuses. We have a President who has caved to the worst elements in society in an attempt to salvage a flailing re-election campaign.

Pro-Israel Americans know that Joe Biden has failed miserably to stand with our ally and keep the United States safe.

We need President Donald Trump back in the White House - November 5 cannot come soon enough.