RJC Highlights Biden’s Failures in Advance of Tonight’s Debate

Washington, DC - Republican Jewish Coalition National Chairman Senator Norm Coleman and CEO Matt Brooks released the following statement in advance of tonight’s Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump:

The contrast in this election could not be starker. Joe Biden has overseen disaster after disaster, weakening America at home and abroad. 

Americans know this country is on the wrong track by a margin of 40%, and overwhelmingly disapprove of Joe Biden’s job performance as President.

We need President Donald Trump back in the White House to reverse the disastrous policies of the last 3.5 years. November 5 cannot come soon enough.

Jews feel less safe than they did four years ago.

  • According to the ADL, antisemitism has spiked nearly 400% to record highs as Jews across the country are attacked. 

  • More than 70% of Jewish students on college campuses have experienced antisemitism firsthand or know someone who has. 

  • 42% of American Jews feel unsafe wearing Jewish symbols in public, and 1 in 5 American Jews reported thinking about leaving the U.S. since October 7th due to antisemitism, according to a recent AJC poll. 

Joe Biden is not a reliable ally of Israel, caving to his far-left anti-Israel base.

  • As we sit here today, the Biden’s administration is actively undermining Israel by withholding and slow-walking critical military aid to the Jewish state as it fights a war for its very survival against Hamas in the south and Hezbollah in the north.

  • Biden's "pause" on arms shipments to Israel affects Israel's operational readiness, prolongs the conflict, and signals weakness to the enemies of America and Israel.

  • Last month, the United States failed to veto a UN Security Council Resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire without a demand for Hamas to release the hostages still being held in Gaza.

Inflation and prices are not going down.

Joe Biden said, "We’ll withdraw from Afghanistan responsibly, deliberately, and safely." We did not.

  • In fact, Biden’s 2021 withdrawal was a chaotic and catastrophic failure: stranding allied partners behind enemy lines to be hunted down by the Taliban, allowing Afghanistan to once again become a breeding ground for terrorism, leaving billions of dollars of military equipment, and costing the lives of 13 service members at Kabul airport.

  • Worse still, Biden has never taken responsibility for his exit from Afghanistan, saying he makes “no apologies,” and he has even claimed that his deadly withdrawal was a success, while holding no one accountable for the debacle.

Joe Biden telling the terrorist regime in Tehran, “Don’t”, when asked about an Iranian retaliatory strike against Israel is weakness personified. 

  • On Day 1, Biden rolled back President Trump’s maximum pressure campaign that was effectively bankrupting and isolating Iran. Biden’s fecklessness and appeasement of Iran resulted in an unprecedented direct missile and drone attack against Israel’s homeland.

  • Iran had $4 billion in foreign reserves when Biden took office – now, Iran’s foreign reserves are above $70 billion, freeing them to fund terror across the Middle East.