RJC in Israel Brings Message of Support From President Trump, American People

Earlier today, Executive Director Matt Brooks and a delegation of RJC Board Members arrived in Israel on a mission of solidarity with the Israeli people. Hamas terrorists in Gaza spent the weekend bombarding innocent Israeli citizens with rocket fire, killing four Israelis and injuring more. In this difficult time, the RJC is proud to bring the people of Israel a message of hope and unity from President Trump and the American people. Matt Brooks released the following statement:

The Republican Jewish Coalition is here in Israel on a mission of solidarity. We bring not only the support of the RJC but also the assurance of President Trump’s commitment to stand with Israel. We are emboldened by the President and Vice President’s unequivocal statements of support for Israel as it defends itself from terrorist rocket fire. Being on the ground in Israel, we can see that the Israeli people are deeply comforted by the Trump Administration’s resolve. This is why President Trump is known the world over as the most pro-Israel President of all time.
President Trump is right to appeal to the people of Gaza, noting that Hamas’s actions will only bring more destruction and heartache to Gaza. This is a fight against a brutal terrorist regime, one that Gazans must stand against. The President and the Israeli government are committed to finding a peaceful solution. Now, they just need someone with whom they can make peace. We all pray that the people of Gaza will seize this opportunity to make a better life for themselves and the region.