RJC Launches Ad Campaign for Netanyahu Speech

Washington, DC - The Republican Jewish Coalition announced today that it will launch two full-page ads in the New York Times in advance of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to a joint session of Congress. A complementary online video ad campaign will be launched on YouTube and Facebook. The ads will highlight the threat posed by a nuclear Iran to the United States and Israel. 

The Prime Minister's speech comes just a few weeks before the Obama administration and Iran face a March 31 deadline to reach an agreement on Iran's nuclear program. For the United States, it means stopping a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. For Israel, this is a matter of life or death. A nuclear Iran threatens all mankind. The American people deserve to hear firsthand from the democratically elected leader of our unwavering ally, whose very existence rides on the terms of this impending agreement.

Below is the text of the first ad in the New York Times that will run on Sunday, March 1. On Monday, March 2, the RJC will release the text of the second ad, which will run on Tuesday, March 3:

Click to see ad in a larger size

Below is a link to the web ad that will run on YouTube and Facebook. The one-minute video will begin running on Saturday, February 28 through Tuesday, March 3. 

Click here to view the web ad.