RJC Launches First Ad of the 2020 Cycle: Shanda

Targets Jewish voters with ad blasting Democrats for turning their backs on Israel.

Washington, DC – The Republican Jewish Coalition announced today the launch of its first ad of the 2020 campaign season, which criticizes leading Democrats for turning their backs on Israel and threatening to cut US aid to our closest ally.

The ad, called “Shanda” (Yiddish for shame or a shameful act), will be targeted to Jewish voters. The RJC is putting $50,000 behind the ad on Facebook, YouTube and other media.

RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said:

In 2016 and 2018, the RJC’s digital and television ads moved the needle in crucial races in states like Pennsylvania and Florida. This ad is the first salvo in our multi-million-dollar effort to help President Trump and Republicans running for Congress in 2020.

The radical Left has taken the reins of the Democratic Party, and their policy proposals will devastate our national security, our alliance with Israel, our economy, and our health care system. We’re fighting for Republican candidates because Jewish Americans – our families, our businesses, our elderly, our children – will bear the impact of the policies that far-left Democrats are pushing if they succeed in these elections.

This isn’t our parents’ Democratic Party anymore. What’s happening to the Democratic Party is a disgrace, a shanda, and a potential disaster for our community. We want American Jewish voters to understand what’s at stake in November 2020. Look for much more from the RJC in the months ahead.




Click the links below to see the 15-second and 30-second versions of the ad.

Shanda: 15 seconds
Shanda: 30 seconds