RJC Looks Forward to Announcement of Trump’s Peace Plan

Washington, D.C. -- The recent reports that we are days away from President Trump revealing his plan for Mideast peace is welcome news for the Israeli and Palestinian people, and for all those who have an interest in seeing peace come to the region. RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks released the following statement on the news:

This is a very exciting time for everyone who cares about seeing a permanent, peaceful resolution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people. When it comes to President Trump, we know that when he says he will get this done, he means it. On Israel, and more broadly the Middle East, President Trump has been the most successful leader in history. He promised to recognize Jerusalem as the eternal and undivided capital of Israel, move the American embassy to Jerusalem, recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, dismantle ISIS, and confront Iran, and he has delivered. He will do the same with his peace plan.

And if there are any doubts about whether his plan is the right thing to do, all you have to do is see that anti-Israel groups like J Street and JVP are lined up against it.