RJC Releases Ad Supporting Senator Susan Collins (R-ME)

Washington, DC – The Republican Jewish Coalition Victory Fund released a digital ad supporting the reelection of Senator Susan Collins (R-ME). The ad specifically targets women voters in Maine. The RJC has put $400,000 behind this ad campaign.

RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said:

Senator Susan Collins is at the top of the Democrats' list of GOP Senators to take out in this cycle, and they are pouring resources into their effort to defeat her. The Republican Jewish Coalition is proud to support her reelection because Sen. Collins is the kind of thoughtful, independent voice our country needs today. Her experience, her passion, and her ability to reach across the aisle are exactly what the people of Maine need in the US Senate. Our ad presents an important message from her former Senate colleague, Joe Lieberman. He knows that Susan Collins fights for Maine when it comes to women's issues, jobs, health care, and the environment. The voters of Maine know it, too.

This ad is part of our strategy to help Republicans keep and strengthen their majority in the US Senate and is in addition to our $10 million national effort for the reelection of President Donald Trump.

The ad for Susan Collins, entitled "Bipartisan," features former Senator Joe Lieberman.

[Joe Lieberman says:]
I'm a lifelong Democrat, but I put my country first, always. That's why I'm supporting Susan Collins for Senate. I served with Susan in the Senate. She's independent, thoughtful, and a fighter for women's issues. Susan always stands up for Maine. She's worked to create jobs, improve health care, and protect Maine's environment. You don't get many like Susan Collins, and when you do, you keep them.

Click here to see the ad for Susan Collins