RJC Releases Ad: Trust Joe Donnelly?

RJC Releases Ad Holding Donnelly Accountable on Iran Deal

Washington D.C. - Today, the Republican Jewish Coalition released the following ad holding Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN) accountable for his misguided support of Barack Obama's Iran deal. This six-figure ad buy will run in the Indianapolis and South Bend media markets as well as on digital platforms across Indiana.

Over 60% of Americans oppose this deal and Hoosiers are no different. Senator Donnelly said he would be independent; instead he is siding with President Obama and the Iranians.

RJC Communications Director Mark McNulty said:

"Three years ago Senator Donnelly told voters that he would be independent. Instead Senator Donnelly went to Washington and is now choosing to stand with the President rather than the people of Indiana. Despite the fact that this deal funds terrorists, is unenforceable, and makes the world less safe, Senator Donnelly has chosen to support it. This ad will remind Hoosiers that Senator Donnelly has gone to Washington and chosen to represent Barack Obama, not them."


Click here for the 15-second web version of this ad.


Transcript is below:

When Joe Donnelly ran for Senate, he said he would be independent.

Joe Donnelly broke his promise.

Joe Donnelly is siding with Iran and Obama over the security of this country.

The deal makes my family and Hoosiers less safe.

Iran has already killed thousands of Americans.

And Joe Donnelly is giving them billions of dollars.

Donnelly wants to reward them.

They're still yelling Death to America.

They still have American hostages.

Donnelly is being naïve

Joe Donnelly is anything but independent.

And we thought we could trust him.

Never again.