RJC Releases Targeted TV Ads in PA-7 and NJ-3

Washington, DC  – The Republican Jewish Coalition Victory Fund released two new ads for broadcast and cable television. One is about Lisa Scheller, the Republican candidate for Congress in PA-7, and one concerns incumbent Democrat Andy Kim in NJ-3, who faces a serious challenge from Republican David Richter. Each ad has $500,000 behind it to bring the RJC’s messages to voters in these key districts. These ads are a supplemental initiative to the RJC’s efforts for the reelection of President Donald Trump. 

RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said:

The Republican Jewish Coalition is proud to support two terrific Jewish Republican candidates who are in important, consequential races this cycle. Our ads present messages that voters need to hear about these two races and will reach voters throughout the targeted districts in PA-7 and NJ-3. These ads are part of our strategy to help Republicans take back the US House majority and are in addition to our $10 million national effort for the reelection of President Donald Trump.

The ad for PA-7, entitled "Grit," tells the extraordinary story of Lisa Scheller, who went from addiction to inspiration. The ad voiceover says:

It’s an extraordinary story of courage, grit, determination. Addicted to heroin, spiraling out of control, Lisa Scheller turned her life around: leading her family business, creating thousands of good jobs, opening a coffee shop dedicated to hiring and helping other recovering addicts, serving her community. From addiction to inspiration, you don’t find many like Lisa Scheller.

The ad for NJ-3, entitled "Intelligence," points out Democrat Andy Kim’s role in the Obama-Biden administration as Pres. Obama’s Iraq advisor. His bad judgement then cost lives, making him the wrong choice for NJ voters today. The ad voiceover says:

Andy Kim oversaw Obama’s policy in Iraq. It was Kim’s bad advice that allowed ISIS to build its caliphate. ISIS went on to murder American citizens, rape women, and execute Jews. Andy Kim’s bad judgement led to thousands of lives lost and it made America less safe. Our safety is too important to entrust to someone like Andy Kim. 

Click here to see the ad for Lisa Scheller in PA-7. 

Click here to see the ad about Andy Kim in NJ-3.