RJC Releases “Wake Up Call”

Washington, DC (August 27, 2020) – The Republican Jewish Coalition released a new video, entitled “Wake Up Call,” that features four lifelong Jewish Democrats who will vote for President Donald Trump this November. The RJC is promoting the new video with a large digital ad buy. 

RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said:

It has become obvious to Jewish voters by now that today’s Democratic Party is not the party of their parents and grandparents; it has taken a sharp and disturbing lurch to the radical left. The Democrats have turned their backs on the Jewish community, on Israel, and on America itself. They allow antisemitism among Democrats in public office to go unchallenged, they want to take us back to the dangerous Obama-Biden nuclear deal with Iran, and they want to undo the many achievements of the Trump administration that have benefited all of us.

Right now, as the Jewish community marks the month of Elul, the month before the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, we are sending out a wake up call to our community. The choice before voters this year is very clear and we’re going to see more and more Jewish Democrats cast their votes for President Trump in this election.

The “Wake Up Call” video features Cantor Sagee Goldenholz, Mark Dunec, Dr. Caryn Borger, and Rabbi Alan Sherman telling their personal stories and sharing what convinced them to exit the Democratic Party and vote Republican. It’s a message every Jewish voter needs to see.

“Wake Up Call” is the third RJC ad of this election cycle, following “Shanda,” launched last November, and “Sunrise,” launched in June.

Click here to see “Wake Up Call”.