RJC: Republicans Will Preserve the Land of Promise

Washington, DC  -- Tonight, our party takes the stage to put forward our pro-America, pro-security agenda. This evening will feature inspiring speakers like Senator Tim Scott, House Republican Whip Steve Scalise, and Ambassador Nikki Haley. They will show our nation exactly why our Republican agenda and leadership make the United States of America the “Land of Promise.”

Nikki Haley, the most pro-Israel ambassador to serve in the UN, will talk about President Trump’s foreign policy and how she and the President repaired the damage of the Obama-Biden foreign policies and returned America to a leadership role on the world stage.. She is the Indian-American daughter of immigrants who grew up to run a successful family business and rose to the most powerful position in the state of South Carolina, winning rave reviews from Republicans and Democrats for her tenure as Governor. Ambassador Haley is an inspiring figure and we are happy to call her a friend of the RJC.

Senator Tim Scott, another South Carolinian, will also be speaking tonight. Senator Tim Scott is a great friend to our ally, Israel, and the RJC. Senator Scott is the first African American Senator to be elected from the South since Reconstruction and the first African American ever to serve in both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. Senator Scott is a successful businessman, which has been a key factor in his successful work on fiscal and tax legislation. His speech tonight will highlight the promise and vision of the Republican agenda.

House Whip Steve Scalise survived one of the most horrific acts of political violence in this country’s history and has refused to let that stop him from doing vital work in pursuit of freedom and prosperity for the American people. Whip Scalise, a longtime friend of the RJC and American Jewish community, has an inspiring story to tell.

Tonight and every night of the Republican National Convention, the RJC will be providing commentary and insights from theJewish Republican community. Follow us at @RJC.