RJC Responds to Hillary Clinton Comments on Iran

Washington, DC - Today, the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), the only national grassroots Republican Jewish organization, responded to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's opposition to enhanced Iran sanctions.

The RJC is concerned about recent comments by Secretary Clinton that were reported in the Jerusalem Post, disagreeing with efforts in Congress to impose enhanced sanctions on Iran for continuing to pursue a nuclear weapons program. Speaking at a conference in Winnipeg, Canada, Clinton ignored the fact that Iran continues to negotiate in bad faith and instead said enhanced sanctions would “guarantee that diplomacy fails.” Clinton went further, asking, “why do we want to be the catalyst for the collapse of negotiations,” overlooking the fact that Iran continues to spin centrifuges in pursuit of a nuclear weapon.

RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said:

“For four years Hillary Clinton proved to the world that her foreign policy judgment and skills are clearly lacking. Now, former Secretary Clinton fails to realize that after exhaustive negotiations with Iran, rewarding them with more time is a catalyst to empower and embolden the Iranian regime further. Giving Iran more time puts our national security and our Middle Eastern allies’ security – especially Israel’s – at risk. As Senator Menendez has said, the talking points from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama seem to have come directly from Tehran. Congress should pass enhanced sanctions, showing Iran that we are serious about stopping their nuclear weapons program.”