RJC Statement on Obama Administration Most Recent BDS Actions

Washington, DC - Today, the Republican Jewish Coalition released an action alert to its 40,000 members asking them to contact their representatives regarding the Obama administration's growing flirtation with the anti-Israel BDS (boycott, divest, sanction) movement. 

The new directive from the Department of Homeland Security on product labeling from Israel is unacceptable.  The action alert also praised Congressional allies like Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) who introduced a bill that would override the latest directive from the Obama Administration.

RJC Communications Director Mark McNulty said:

"The backroom flirtation with the BDS movement from the Obama administration is becoming an open love affair.  This new directive from the Department of Homeland Security is unacceptable and continues to do damage to the America-Israel relationship, one they seem to disregard more every day.  Our members and their representatives in Congress know how important beating back the anti-semitic, anti-Israel BDS movement is and we will continue to do so, including this new directive from the Obama administration."