RJC Statement on Pres. Trump’s Address at the Israel Museum

Jerusalem, Israel – The Republican Jewish Coalition released the following response to President Donald Trump’s remarks at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Israel, today:

“We applaud President Trump’s historic declaration of support for Israel, for her security and for her right to exist as the free and sovereign nation of the Jewish people in their ancient homeland. His remarks today were an outstanding expression of the deep American friendship with Israel and of our shared values and goals.

“The President’s words stood in stark contrast from the previous American administration’s policies. The Obama administration gave us eight years of “daylight” between the U.S. and Israel, a dangerous nuclear deal with Iran, and a set of policies that allowed terrorist groups to grow and thrive across the region. That era is over.

“The RJC welcomes and commends President Trump’s words today and his reaffirmation of our unbreakable ties with Israel.”