RJC Statement on Rep. Keith Ellison's Disturbing History

Washington D.C. – Republican Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matt Brooks released the following statement on Democrat Representative Keith Ellison's disturbing past:

"Representative Keith Ellison’s past statements, actions, and associations prove a long history of anti-Semitism that has no business in government. Whether it’s his past defenses of a college speaker who stated that Zionists collaborated with Nazis in World War II, his long association and praise of known anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, or his past involvement with the Nation of Islam, it’s clear Ellison has spent decades defending and associating with hateful groups and figures.
"None of these revelations about Ellison are new, and it’s deeply troubling how many prominent national Democrats rushed to endorse his candidacy for chairman of the Democrat National Committee. It is the responsibility of every single Democrat to declare that these beliefs long held by Ellison are not what this country stands for, and demand that he withdraw his candidacy for DNC Chair."