RJC Statement on the Anti-Israel Remarks by PA-18 Candidate Conor Lamb

Washington, D.C. -- The Republican Jewish Coalition responded today to a report that Democrat congressional candidate Conor Lamb, who is running in the special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th district, accused the government of Israel of "terrorism" and of targeting Palestinian women and children during the Second Intifada in 2002.

RJC National Chairman Senator Norm Coleman said:

Conor Lamb's refusal to address his own ignorant and extreme attack against Israel is very troubling. Given that refusal and the fact that he's running as a supporter of the anti-Israel organization J Street, it appears his views have not changed at all.

Joe Biden and the other national Democrats who are raising and spending millions of dollars to support Conor Lamb's campaign ought to be joining with us to demand that he address these concerns. Their unwillingness to do so is yet another example of the Democrats moving away from their previous pro-Israel stance.

RJC Pennsylvania/S. New Jersey Regional Director Scott Feigelstein said:

Lamb’s attack against Israel in the middle of the Second Intifada was and is disgraceful. Nearly 1000 Israeli civilians were murdered in the Second Intifada by members of Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups. Israeli forces seeking out terrorist cells and infrastructure went to great lengths to protect the Palestinian civilians among whom the terrorists hid. Lamb’s accusations are untrue and unacceptable. The people of the 18th district deserve better.