RJC Statement on the Appointment of Senator Jon Kyl

The Republican Jewish Coalition released the following statement lauding the appointment of Senator Jon Kyl to the Senate seat vacated by the passing of American hero, Senator John McCain:

The Republican Jewish Coalition thanks Governor Doug Ducey for making an outstanding pick to replace Senator McCain. There is no better way to honor the memory of John McCain than by replacing him with another exemplary public servant. Much like Senator McCain, Senator Kyl has an exemplary pro-Israel, pro-defense, conservative track record. Jon Kyl was the author of the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act which required the US to move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem. That piece of legislation laid the ground work for President Trump’s momentous decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem earlier this year. Kyl’s previous work as a Senator also includes instrumental work on securing funding for the Arrow missile defense system and pressuring President Obama against unilaterally recognizing a Palestinian state. We are thrilled with this appointment and know that the people of Arizona will be well represented, again, by Jon Kyl.