RJC Statement on Trump Announcement that U.S. Will Withdraw from the Iran Deal

Washington, D.C. -- Today, the Republican Jewish Coalition issued the following statement:

The RJC thanks President Trump for withdrawing the United States from the Iran nuclear deal, ending the Obama-era policy of trying to achieve peace through weakness. Of course this peace never came. Iran was emboldened by the legitimacy given to them on the world stage and the pallets of cash delivered to their doorstep. Iran continues to be an existential threat to Israel, and continues to menace Israel directly and through its proxies (such as Hezbollah).

Today’s decision renewed hope for a truly long-term nuclear-free Iran. By withdrawing from the agreement that Obama made, without Senate approval, President Trump now has at his disposal tools, like the enhanced sanctions that were waived under Obama, to get a deal that creates the necessary pressure on Iran. We appreciate President Trump’s bold foreign policy and look forward to his leadership in dealing with the Iranian threat.