RJC Supports Israel’s Actions in Gaza

Washington, D.C. -- After Hamas launched more than 1200 rockets at Israel in the last ten days, Israel has begun a major offensive against Hamas in Gaza.

The Republican Jewish Coalition strongly supports Israel's actions against Hamas.

The attacks by Hamas against Israel, perpetrated from within civilian areas and using its own people as human shields, are war crimes. Their stated goal is the utter destruction of the Jewish state and its inhabitants. Israel has every right to move to a second stage of operations to put an end to these attacks.

The Israelis have shown tremendous restraint and moral strength in their implementation of Operation Protective Edge. They have destroyed military targets while doing the utmost to protect innocent civilians in Gaza. As always, Israel has worked for peace, but war has been thrust upon it once more.

We pray that Israeli forces, whether fighting by land, sea, or air, will meet their objectives and return home safely.