RJC: The GOP Wave Has Begun

Youngkin crushes Jewish Vote

Washington, DC – RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks released the following statement today: 

Republicans outperformed expectations in yesterday’s off-year and special elections in Virginia, New Jersey, and other places that were considered Democratic strongholds, and we congratulate the GOP winners in all of them. Their victories are the first indications of what could be a historic wave of Republican victories in the midterm elections next year.

According to an exit poll by the American Jewish Congress, 37% of Jewish voters in Virginia voted for Republican Glenn Youngkin. For them, as for most voters in Virginia, the top issues were education, the cost of living, and the burdensome taxes and regulations that are holding the economy down.

Virginia is just one example of how Democrats are paying a price for the clearly growing influence of woke leftists in their party. Voters understood that education policy in Virginia, defunding the police in Minneapolis, and nominating a self-described socialist for mayor of Buffalo demonstrated that leftist power in the Democratic Party is growing. And those very issues galvanized voters to reject Democrats and their policies in this election. We saw it in New Jersey, in Ohio, in Minnesota, and elsewhere.

Will Democrats learn the lesson from last night’s results and reconsider their agenda of massive social welfare spending, kowtowing to union bosses, defunding the police, and imposing higher taxes? The President’s party traditionally loses seats in Congress in the first midterm election, but if leftists in Congress continue to hold infrastructure hostage and to press for massive new taxes to fund their agenda, the Republican victory in 2022 will be of historic proportions.