RJC: The State of Our Union is Weaker and Poorer Because of President Joe Biden and Failed Democrat Policies

Washington, DC – The Republican Jewish Coalition released the following statement in advance of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address:

No matter how hard they try to spin the State of the Union tonight, Joe Biden and his Democratic allies in Congress have failed on every significant issue of concern to the American people, leaving the United States weaker and poorer. Don’t believe us?

Domestically, nearly 7 in 10 Americans believe the direction of the country is on the wrong track. 62% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy, 66% disapprove of Biden’s handling of immigration, and 65% disapprove of Biden’s handling of inflation. Joe Biden himself has averaged a lowly 39.8% job approval during his third year in office - the second-lowest third-year average for recent Presidents, beating only Jimmy Carter.

Nearly 60% of Americans disapprove of Joe Biden’s handling of foreign policy - and rightly so; the Biden administration has undermined our key allies like Israel and emboldened our adversaries across the globe, from Iran to China, through their policies of weakness and appeasement.

For the Jewish community in particular, things are worse in Joe Biden’s America. Antisemitic hate crimes have spiked to record highs, while the Biden administration still refuses to exclusively use the International Holocaust Remembrance Association (IHRA) definition of antisemitism. Biden’s administration also continues to undermine the State of Israel at the time of its greatest need, in the aftermath of the October 7, 2023 atrocities. 

The American Jewish community, which has largely voted Democrat for decades, has been moving to the GOP in recent years. The clear and undeniable failures of Joe Biden’s Democrat policies, and the unwavering Republican support for Israel and the Jewish community, have brought many Jewish voters to see the Republican Party as their political home. The Republican Party is the reliable and faithful friend of American Jews. 

The RJC will continue to hold Joe Biden and his administration accountable, working to move even more Jewish voters to the GOP in 2024 and beyond.