RJC to Obama: Stop Trying to Isolate Israel

Washington, D.C. - Republican Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matt Brooks issued the following statement today concerning Obama's most recent defense of his proposed nuclear pact with Iran:

"It's a sad day when an American President sees 'almost the whole world' standing in opposition to the Jewish state and he sides against Israel. And his claim that almost the whole world supports his Iran deal is not accurate, given the serious concerns about the deal expressed by leaders of other Middle Eastern countries.

"After his troubling, demonizing references to American Jews last week, it's nice that President Obama now says he's willing to tolerate a certain amount of criticism from our community. But the main thrust of his speech today sent an overwhelmingly negative and divisive message. His heavy-handed evocation of the Iraq war and his attribution of narrow, partisan motives to Americans who reject his risky diplomatic scheme are further evidence that he is unwilling or unable to endure the vigorous, substantive debate on this important issue that he claimed to welcome. 

"At a historical moment that calls for a high caliber of statesmanship to unify the nation, it's sad that this President resorts to raw partisanship to divide us."