RJC to Senate Democrats: Don't Rubber-Stamp This Radical Nominee

Washington, DC - Republican Jewish Coalition National Chairman Senator Norm Coleman and Chief Executive Officer Matt Brooks made the following statement today:

As soon as this week, the Senate may take up the nomination of Adeel Mangi for the Third Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals. This vote will be a key test of Senate Democrats who portray themselves as moderate and independent-minded. 

Mangi’s radical affiliations, especially his role as an adviser to an anti-American and anti-Israel outfit called the Rutgers Center for Security, Race and Rights, should have disqualified him from being nominated for a lifetime judicial appointment. 

Even before the horror of October 7, 2023, put a spotlight on the degree to which terrorism apologists had embedded themselves in American colleges and universities, the “Center” had attracted attention for its anti-American and antisemitic events. Most recently, the organization blamed Israel’s "settler colonialism" for provoking Hamas terrorists' October 7 atrocities. In 2021, the “Center” was called out by local Jewish activists and a Democratic Congressman for hosting a 9/11 anniversary event at which a speaker, who had been convicted of aiding a Palestinian terrorist organization, blamed America and Israel for the 2001 terrorist attacks. Mangi implausibly claims not to have heard about this controversy, which occurred while he was affiliated with the Center, and he refused to condemn the institution for sponsoring the event when the matter was discussed during his nomination hearing.

Desperate to avoid addressing the actual concerns Republican Senators and Jewish organizations have raised, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin and other Mangi defenders have baselessly alleged that those opposed to the nomination are motivated by religious bigotry. But deflection tactics won’t protect Senate Democrats from accountability for this vote.