RJC Urges Senate Passage of National Security Funding Bill

Washington, DC - The Republican Jewish Coalition released the following statement in response to the Senate beginning debate on legislation that includes emergency military assistance for Israel.

RJC CEO Matt Brooks said:

The Senate has taken an important first step by beginning debate on a bill that includes assistance to our embattled ally, Israel. This is not a perfect bill, but we urge Republican Senators to support procedural votes to advance the bill and swiftly vote in favor on final passage. 

RJC will always support aid to Israel. And especially now, it is urgent and vital that the Middle East’s only democracy has what it needs to defeat terrorism and defend its citizens. The barbaric atrocities of October 7, 2023 must never happen again.

As Republicans, we believe that America is obligated to stand by our allies when they are under attack. We also believe the federal government is obligated to secure the border. It is imperative that our party maintain our determination to fulfill both of those promises and demand better from an administration that is failing mightily in both respects.