RJC Urges Swift Confirmation of Governor Haley

Washington D.C. – The Republican Jewish Coalition released the following statement from Executive Director Matt Brooks in support of Governor Nikki Haley’s nomination as Ambassador to the United Nations:

"Governor Haley’s testimony further confirms what we already know: Israel once again will have a friend in the United States. Governor Haley understands the many challenges facing the U.S. around the world, and the vitally important role the U.S.-Israel alliance plays in securing both of our countries’ safety. In the United Nations, with their warped priorities and constant bullying of the only true democracy in the Middle East, Governor Haley will demonstrate her clear-eyed understanding of the realities of life on the ground in Israel, and the constant threats of terror her people face.
"As the first governor to back anti-BDS legislation, Governor Haley has already shown her words are more than just empty rhetoric. Pro-Israel Americans can take comfort in knowing that Governor Haley has already demonstrated her commitment to Israel’s security. The days of alienating our closest ally are over. The RJC is proud to support Governor Haley’s nomination as Ambassador to the U.N. and encourages a swift Senate confirmation."