RJC Victory Fund Releases Ad: "Insane"

Washington, D.C. -- The Republican Jewish Coalition Victory Fund, an affiliate of the Republican Jewish Coalition, released an ad that will be shown during tomorrow's Democratic debates. The ad will run in critical battleground states -- Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Arizona -- and will also run in Washington, DC.


The ad, entitled "Insane," uses direct quotes from Bernie Sanders and his supporters to highlight and demonstrate his extreme, radical, and out-of-touch views with regard to Israel.

The ad can be seen here. This is part of a $10 million effort being undertaken to target Jewish voters in the upcoming election.

RJC Victory Fund CEO Matt Brooks said:

The Jewish community faces the very real risk that we could end up trading the most pro-Israel President in history for the first enemy-of-Israel President in history.

The stakes for the Jewish community and the nation with Bernie Sanders as President could not be higher.