RNC, Trump Campaign, and RJC Release Video Contrasting Biden and Trump on Antisemitism

Washington, DC – Today, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, “Yom HaShoah," the Republican National Committee (RNC), the Trump Campaign, and the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) released a video contrasting Biden and Trump’s response on antisemitism.

“Joe Biden’s weakness is on display for all the world to see as he refuses to condemn the antisemitic violence on college campuses and continues to backtrack on his support for Israel. As chaos envelopes the world, this is no time for ambiguity – we need President Donald J. Trump back in office to restore order, support our critical ally, Israel, and bring peace through strength once more.” – Michael Whatley, RNC Chairman

The video highlights the pro-Hamas riots terrorizing college campus nationwide. The rampant antisemitic violence continues to rise as Tuesday, May 7th  marks the seven-month anniversary of Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israel.

"It took Joe Biden weeks to even talk about the Biden Campus Protests, and he refused to outright condemn the pro-Hamas, pro-genocide mobs and the sad truth is that he needs their votes. These violent, antisemitic riots all started because of Joe Biden's failed foreign policy. He enabled Iran, which led to the war in Israel. Joe Biden weakness and failure is why chaos is breaking out across our country and all over the world. Americans can rest secure in the fact that on day one, President Trump will restore peace through strength abroad, and demand law and order at home." –  Karoline Leavitt, Trump Campaign National Press Secretary

In the video, President Trump says, “When I get back into office, I will put every single university and college president on notice. The American taxpayer will not subsidize the creation of terrorist sympathizers on American soil.”

“As antisemitism and anti-Israel extremism skyrocket across the country on Joe Biden’s watch, the Jewish community needs President Donald J. Trump back in the White House. The stakes could not be higher. In these dark and dangerous days for the United States and our ally Israel, we know President Trump will boldly lead with moral clarity as he has done before, fighting the scourge of antisemitism and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the Jewish state.” – Matt Brooks, RJC CEO

Watch the video in full here.

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