Senator Kaine's Poor Record On Israel

With the nomination of Tim Kaine for Vice President, the Democrat Party has made it their priority is to continue the same failed foreign policies of the Obama Administration. Whether it's support for the Iran nuclear deal, to a lack of support for Israeli military funding, the Clinton-Kaine ticket threatens to widen the gap between the U.S. and one of our closest allies. 

Senator Kaine Has Ignored Our Friends And Legitimized Our Enemies

Senator Kaine Boycotted Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Bi-Partisan Address To Congress. “Kaine was one of nine Democratic senators to boycott Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress in March 2015. Former House speaker John Boehner had invited Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress to discuss the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran.” (Aaron Kleigman, “Clinton Running Mate Tim Kaine’s Record on Israel Under Fire,” Washington Free Beacon, 7/26/2016)
Senator Kaine Supported President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s Iran Nuclear Deal, Which Was Strongly Opposed By Pro-Israel Groups. “He supported the Iran nuclear deal, saying in September 2015 that the agreement ‘achieved a dramatic improvement over the status quo that will improve global security for at least 15 years, and likely longer.’ Kaine also worked with the Obama administration and other Senate Democrats to keep the landmark arms control agreement from being brought to the Senate floor.  Some critics of the nuclear deal have said the accord compromises Israel’s security, among other arguments, and voiced their concern about Kaine’s role in the debate after he was named Clinton’s running mate.” (Aaron Kleigman, “Clinton Running Mate Tim Kaine’s Record on Israel Under Fire,” Washington Free Beacon, 7/26/2016)

  • "For The Prime Minister To Stand Up And Say ‘This Is A Bad Deal’ When There Is No Deal, Just Sort Of Made My Point.” KAINE: “I’m not dumb, I knew not going to the speech might make some folks mad with me — there would be a political price, but I felt so strongly as a matter of principle that this was done in an entirely inappropriate way…  For the prime minister to stand up and say ‘this is a bad deal’ when there is no deal, just sort of made my point.” (Nathan Guttman, “5 Questions for Tim Kaine on Israel,” Forward, 3/13/2015)

Senator Kaine Refused To Join 88 Fellow Senators In Warning President Obama About Funding The Hamas Backed Palestinian Authority Unity Government. “Kaine was also one of 12 senators who refused to sign a bipartisan letter in June 2014 warning President Obama about funding the Palestinian Authority after it formed a unity government with Hamas, a U.S.-designated terrorist organization based in the Gaza Strip whose founding charter calls for the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews.” (Aaron Kleigman, “Clinton Running Mate Tim Kaine’s Record on Israel Under Fire,” Washington Free Beacon, 7/26/2016)

  • “The Recent Formation Of A Palestinian Authority Unity Government Supported By Hamas, A Designated Foreign Terrorist Organization That Has Never Publicly Accepted The Quartet Principles, Represents A Serious Setback To Efforts To Achieve Peace.” "U.S. Senators Ben Cardin (D-Md.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) led a bipartisan supermajority of 88 Senators in sending a letter to President Barack Obama expressing strong reservations about U.S. relations with the newly formed Palestinian unity government. ‘The recent formation of a Palestinian Authority unity government supported by Hamas, a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization that has never publicly accepted the Quartet principles, represents a serious setback to efforts to achieve peace,’ the Senators wrote. ‘By its actions and inaction, Hamas has demonstrated it is not a partner for peace.’" (Senators Cardin and Collins, Press Release, 6/11/14)

“Presumptive Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine Was One Of Only 17 Senators In April Not To Sign A Letter Urging US President Barack Obama To Increase The US Military Aid Package To Israel.” “The bipartisan letter, sponsored by Chris Coons (D-Delaware) and Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), urged Obama to conclude a “robust” new military aid package ‘that increases aid to Israel and retains the current terms of the existing aid program.’” (Herb Keinon, “Kaine one of few senators not to sign letter to Obama urging increased MoU,” Jerusalem Post, 7/25/2016)

Senator Kaine Is One Of The Largest Recipients Of Funding From The Radical Left Wing JStreetPAC, Cashing $178,283 In Campaign Contributions. (Open Secrets, Accessed 7/25/2016)