Shocking: Democrats Like Communist Cuba More Than Democratic Israel

33-Point Gap Between Democrats and Republicans on Israel Confirms Stark Shift in Once-Bipartisan Support for Jewish State

Washington, DC – The Republican Jewish Coalition responded to a YouGov poll released this week that found that Democrats feel more positively about Cuba than they do about Israel. The poll also showed a 33-point gap between Republicans' and Democrats' support for Israel.

RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said:

It is shocking, but sadly not surprising, that in a public opinion poll of Americans rating the popularity of different countries, the greatest disparity between Republicans and Democrats is about Israel. In the YouGov ratings released this week, Israel's popularity among Democrats was 33 points lower than among Republicans. In fact, a higher percentage of Democrats looks favorably on communist Cuba than on Israel, our fellow democracy and strongest ally.

We've seen the gap between Republican and Democrat support for Israel widen over recent years. Polls from Pew and Gallup have shown repeatedly that Republicans support Israel at higher rates than Democrats do. When Israel was booed during the 2012 Democratic National Convention, it was a watershed moment.

This shift in the Democratic grassroots was deeply disturbing when it became apparent, but we hoped that the historical bipartisan support for Israel among American legislators and policy makers would continue. However, with the rise of the progressive Left in the Democrat Party - led by Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and the "Squad" of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and others - Democratic leaders have moved farther away from support of Israel as well.

All of this highlights the overwhelming support for Israel among the Republican grassroots and Republicans in public office. Republicans on Capitol Hill and President Donald Trump have been unwavering supporters of a strong, secure Israel, of the close US-Israel alliance, and of innovative methods of bringing peace and prosperity to the entire region. The contrast could not be clearer.



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