Statement on President Trump's Speech to the United Nations

Washington, D.C. — The RJC released the following statement from Executive Director Matt Brooks:

Today’s speech at the UN was an historic moment for President Trump and the American people. The President’s speech set out a clear, unambiguous vision that America will always work in the best interests of its citizens and will always work with responsible countries around the globe to keep the world safe and secure. There is no greater example of this vision than President Trump’s commitments, reemphasized today, to confront the reckless nuclear aspirations of Iran and North Korea, to oppose the brutal regime of Syria, and to combat radical Islamic terrorism at home and abroad. The President was strong in his condemnation of Iran as a corrupt dictatorship, economically depleted, a destabilizing force in the Middle East, and a chief exporter of violence and terror. And, as he has many times before, the President called the Iran nuclear deal a terribly flawed and ineffective agreement.

Today’s speech was a strong affirmation of American leadership on the world stage, something that has been missing during the last eight years. The RJC applauds President Trump.