What Is The White House Waiting For?

Obama's incredible breach of protocol increases tensions

Washington, DC - In an incredible violation of protocol, President Obama has yet to call and congratulate Prime Minister Netanyahu on his party's victory Tuesday night.  It has been two days since our greatest ally in the Middle East concluded its successful elections and our President still has not called.

Countries that are America's adversaries have gotten more respect than this.  After elections in Turkey and Egypt, the President called on either the same day or one day after to congratulate their leaders. Iran's president even got a call from Obama despite the fact that our countries have no formal diplomatic relations and that international observers questioned the legitimacy of that election. Even Russian president Vladimir Putin got a call after his election despite legitimacy questions.

This is another violation of diplomatic protocol from the White House that will only strain an already fraught relationship. At such a sensitive time and with tensions running high, the President should be ratcheting down the tensions instead of inflaming them.

RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said:

"What is the White House waiting for? It is no secret that this President does not like Netanyahu but that shouldn't matter. The administration claims that despite some enmity between the two leaders, our countries relationship endures and has never been stronger. You can add this to the list of things the White House has said that are hard to believe in light of their actions.  This is a violation of protocol that can only increase tensions. This President needs to stand with Israel and its leader no matter who it is."



Turkey (Erdogan):

            Election - August 10, 2014 
            Call - August 12, 2014

Egypt (Morsi):

            Election - June 17, 2012 (Certified June 24, 2012)  
            Call - June 24, 2012 

Israel (Netanyahu):

            Election - March 17, 2015  
            Call - ????