RJC in Israel Brings Message of Support From President Trump, American People

Earlier today, Executive Director Matt Brooks and a delegation of RJC Board Members arrived in Israel on a mission of solidarity with the Israeli people. Hamas terrorists in Gaza spent the weekend bombarding innocent Israeli citizens with rocket fire, killing four Israelis and injuring more. In this difficult time, the RJC is proud to bring the people of Israel a message of hope and unity from President Trump and the American people. Matt Brooks released the following statement:

Cory Booker Refuses to Condemn Anti-Semitism of Ilhan Omar

Earlier today, at the She the People Presidential Forum, Senator Cory Booker defended the numerous reprehensible anti-Semitic tropes that Ilhan Omar has been trafficking for years. RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks released the following statement:

The RJC Won’t Let Israel Become A Punching Bag For Democrats To Score Points With Their Radical Base

Last night, Bernie Sanders, the Democrats’ leading candidate for President called the recent, democratically elected government of Israel “racist”, and said if elected, he would be more sympathetic to Palestinian concerns. In response to this latest signal that the Democratic party is moving away from being a pro-Israel party, RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks released the following statement:

Mueller Report Confirms: No Collusion, No Obstruction

Today the Mueller report confirmed what we have already known for two years. The President never colluded with the Russians, and there was no obstruction of justice. RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks released the following statement:


Ami Magazine: Exclusive Interview with Matt Brooks; Executive Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition

By Jake Turx
Ami Magazine
April 10, 2019

For the majority of his adult life, Matt Brooks has been involved in a leadership role within the Republican Jewish Coalition, an organization that seeks to enhance ties between the Jewish community and the Republican Party. Although he’d been active since the 1980s, never had Matt and the RJC experienced as consequential a period than this past weekend, when their annual leadership meeting in Las Vegas featured a star-studded lineup, which included addresses by President Trump and Vice President Pence.

Once the dust settled, Ami spoke with Brooks about the experience.

New Yorker: Norm Coleman Explains Why Supporters of Israel Should Thank Donald Trump

RJC: Beto, Don’t Use the Holocaust for Political Points

The Republican Jewish Coalition responded today to a report that Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke likened the Trump administration to the Third Reich.

Trump Again Proves He is the Most Pro-Israel President Ever – Recognizes Israeli Sovereignty Over the Golan Heights

Today, President Trump announced that the United States will recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks released the following statement:

RJC to Clyburn: Stop Comparing Trump to Nazis

The Republican Jewish Coalition responded to remarks Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) made to NBC News yesterday, comparing Donald Trump’s presidency with Hitler’s rise to power. 

Omar and her friends have lit an ugly dumpster fire of anti-Semitism in Congress – Dems must put it out

Wednesday, March 6, 2019
By: RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks