RJC Releases Ad Supporting Senator Susan Collins (R-ME)

Washington, DC – The Republican Jewish Coalition Victory Fund released a digital ad supporting the reelection of Senator Susan Collins (R-ME). The ad specifically targets women voters in Maine. The RJC has put $400,000 behind this ad campaign.

RJC Releases Targeted TV Ads in PA-7 and NJ-3

Washington, DC  – The Republican Jewish Coalition Victory Fund released two new ads for broadcast and cable television. One is about Lisa Scheller, the Republican candidate for Congress in PA-7, and one concerns incumbent Democrat Andy Kim in NJ-3, who faces a serious challenge from Republican David Richter. Each ad has $500,000 behind it to bring the RJC’s messages to voters in these key districts. These ads are a supplemental initiative to the RJC’s efforts for the reelection of President Donald Trump. 

RJC Releases “Wake Up Call”

Washington, DC (August 27, 2020) – The Republican Jewish Coalition released a new video, entitled “Wake Up Call,” that features four lifelong Jewish Democrats who will vote for President Donald Trump this November. The RJC is promoting the new video with a large digital ad buy. 

Celebrating America, "Land of Heroes"

Washington, DC -- This evening, the Republican Party will showcase American heroes and their incredible stories. 

Republicans Will Keep America the “Land of Opportunity”

Washington, DC -- After a terrific first night, the Republican National Convention tonight will show how Republican policies enhance America’s economy, strengthen our national security, and provide opportunities for every American to succeed and thrive.

RJC: Republicans Will Preserve the Land of Promise

Washington, DC  -- Tonight, our party takes the stage to put forward our pro-America, pro-security agenda. This evening will feature inspiring speakers like Senator Tim Scott, House Republican Whip Steve Scalise, and Ambassador Nikki Haley. They will show our nation exactly why our Republican agenda and leadership make the United States of America the “Land of Promise.”

RJC: Dems Can’t Hide Their Radical Shift

Washington, DC -- For four days, the Democrats have tried to sell their past failures as future successes. The American people – and especially the American Jewish community – will not be fooled.

RJC: Four More Years

RJC Comments on Day Four of the Democratic National Convention

Washington, DC -- Tonight is the last night of the Democrats’ convention and things are only expected to get worse. Worse for American national security, worse for the US-Israel relationship, and worse for American Jews. Unless, of course, we get four more years of President Donald J. Trump.

RJC Statement on the President Reimposing Sanctions on Iran

Washington, DC – Today, President Trump announced that his administration will invoke the "snapback" provision of UNSC Res. 2231, reimposing UN sanctions on Iran that were suspended under the resolution as part of the JCPOA. RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks released the following statement:

RJC: Statement on Democrats’ Failed Foreign Policy

RJC Comments on Day Three of the Democratic National Convention

Washington, DC -- Democrats don’t have a single foreign policy accomplishment to be proud of, so instead they are leaning into their failures. Tonight, Democrats will feature Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and VP nominee Kamala Harris.